Yet again, the pharmaceutical industry is slow to change to support better business results. I am ALWAYS touting the value of being patient-centered. I am putting that argument on the shelf for this piece, although I firmly believe this PharmaVoice article regarding collaboration still supports the patient-centered notion.

In what other industry is there a need to pull together a group of industry insiders to discuss the value of collaboration??

I led the ex-US promotional launch of a major brand. I had never before launched a brand and was excited about leading this effort. I worked with a great agency that knew the path to success – this was Sudler & Hennesy (I still chuckle that Doug Burcin, in all of his success, was one of my account directors. Great watching your success, Doug!). In this role I was never required to collaborate with others in my group who also launched brands. I started from scratch. Crazy! I could have simply utilized the knowledge of those around me, I did not have to replicate what they did exactly but I certainly could have learned from their experiences. How incredibly inefficient! As it turned out, this was one of the most successful launches in the industry, and the best ever for the company. So, again, pharma did not need to change anything ’cause the money came in.

The industry is finally becoming a bit reflective. This is one of a series of articles about the need for a change in business model. This one simply highlights the value of collaboration, one of the many things that can happen to help our industry be more efficient as we realize that the model of hoping for the next breakthrough med is not reliable. There are profits in improving inefficiencies.

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