We have been at this work of patient centricity for a little more than 10 years. Over the course of that time we have shared quite a bit of information and learned a lot ourselves. The one concept that seems to finally be taking hold in healthcare, even in the pharmaceutical industry, is understanding the concept of the user experience. In other words, understanding who the end-user is and why it is so important to understand their needs and motivations. So, we have pulled out a tool we use in training sessions for years – the Satisfy the Cat video. We’ll explain…

Since the IHS focus is the patient, from our perspective, the ultimate end-user is the patient/people who are managing their health with or without prescription drugs. For most other industries, understanding that the ultimate customer is the end-user. In pharma, simply because the patient usually can’t write their own prescription, we have focused on the person that can and called them our ultimate customer. We have thrown everything we have at this writer, hoping for good market share.

At IHS we challenge that thinking. Oh, don’t get it wrong, we understand the value of capturing every possible scrip – acquisition. But, as in most other industries, we understand the value of customer retention – adherence. Our industry is still struggling with how to manage retention. Our industry has many great programs to ensure access, to ensure cost is not an issue or barrier to getting, appropriately, a prescription in the hands of a patient. So, we take down a barrier that addresses maybe 10-15% of the problem by addressing access. Now we really need to get deeper in the weeds, better understand what motivates people to take their meds the way they are prescribed once they have filled that prescription. This means we need to get out of our own way, not put our own beliefs, wants, and desires into the design process for any initiative or program. We need to put that end-user at the center.

This video – Satisfy the Cat – illustrates the value of our focus on the real end-user, the patient. The concept of the user experience (UX) came out of the IT world. As designers realized that the hardware and software they designed was cool to them, usable for them, they slowly realized that the end user, someone who usually does not understand code, could not appreciate that software or hardware with the same vigor. Companies began to install user experience labs in their offices so they could witness how users actually used what the designers designed. This video is done by one of those designers. He will speak to you about the end user and user experience. You will hear him user designer’s language. You will easily be able to connect with his use of the cat as “end user”, the designer/developer as “the factory”, the cat owner  as the decision maker. In healthcare the cat is the patient, the factory is pharma/payer/institution, the owner is whoever writes that prescription.

follow this link to this fun lesson in patient centricity https://inspiredhealthstrategies.com/product/satisfy-the-cat-video-a-lesson-in-understanding-the-value-of-the-user-experience/