Deloitte Breaking the Mold: Reinvigorating Biopharma Innovation


Host: Terry Hisey, principal, Deloitte Consulting LLP
1 Intermediate CPE credit | Specialized knowledge & applications

Facing increased pricing pressure and regulatory scrutiny, the returns on biopharmaceutical innovation continue to decrease. How are leading companies transforming their R&D strategies in response to new demands? We’ll discuss:

The state of biopharmaceutical R&D and key strategic decisions that can make or break the success of products.
Opportunities to engage with key stakeholders, including patients, providers, and health plans.
Advances in drug development that incorporate patient-reported outcomes and real-world evidence.
Challenges, lessons learned, and new strategies for driving increased R&D productivity and efficiency.
Learn the results of Deloitte’s seventh annual survey and best practices from leading biopharmaceutical companies on improving the commercial success of products and returns on R&D.

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