In just a few short years, technology and business innovations have fundamentally changed how people interact with—and what they expect from—the services and organizations they depend on. Today, the unavoidable fact is that people make decisions and invest their loyalty based mainly on experiences, not necessarily the nuances of products or services.

This consumer-focused and experience-driven reality has profound implications for the healthcare industry. People expect fast, deeply personalized, and highly mobile experiences in nearly every aspect of their lives. They won’t tolerate long wait times or dismissive providers. And they won’t hesitate to share their opinions on social media, use the power of the Internet to investigate other options, or switch to a healthcare provider that offers them the kind of patient experience they expect.

In this landscape, your organization simply can’t afford to stick with the status quo or fall behind the patient experience curve. You need more effective, innovative, and unified programs to understand every aspect of your patients’ journeys; accurately measure their experiences; and quickly convert all the patient data you collect into practical, meaningful improvements. And you need to get there quickly.

So what’s the best approach for accelerating your patient experience progress? And what are the steps that will move you from where you are now to a place where you’re consistently providing modern patients with experiences that rival the best consumer brands in the world?

MaritzCX is ready to help you answer these crucial questions. We have more
than 50 years of experience measuring, analyzing, and managing comprehensive customer experience programs for some of the world’s largest and most successful organizations. We understand the unique dynamics and requirements of the healthcare industry. And we’re uniquely qualified to help you deliver experiences that exceed your patients’ expectations and set you apart in an increasingly competitive, demanding, and fast-paced digital society.

This paper highlights four essential practices to elevate and accelerate your patient experience journey.

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