Clinical Leader

From The Editor | September 29, 2020

In clinical development, patient enrollment is one of the key challenges sponsor companies face.
Research from the Tufts Center and other sources has shown that 80 percent of sites will fail to meet
enrollment timelines and another 10 percent will never enroll a single patient. To make matters
worse, up to 20 percent of Phase 3 trials are terminated due to issues surrounding patient
enrollment. So, while trials today are gathering more data than ever before and benefit from
access to constantly improving technologies and analytics, many are still plagued by the patient and site recruitment challenge.

Bayer is one company that decided that in order to get much needed medicines to patients faster and more efficiently, this had to change. In 2015 the company decided to take a hard look at how it selected patients and sites, and how it prepared protocols and conducted planning for trials. A transformation program was put in place by senior management to oversee those changes and bring insights to the internal development teams.

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