Patient Engagement:

We Are Steeped in It!

Our User-Centered Approach

We srtrongly believe there has to be a change in how healthcare does business and below is an exampdiagram describing this thinking. We have NOT dropped “innovation” from our language. Being innovative, for us, means, doing some things differently.

So, You Really Think It’s Only About Getting the Rx Written?

For all the effort you and your teams make geting the RX written, at the end of a year only 15-20% are still active at the end of the year. You have ensured access – the Rx got to the patient…now what?  85% of retaining that Rx is based on behavior.

Services We Offer

We can help you truly engage with patients, help you develop and measure perfomance-based contracts, hear the patient’s voice across the entire lifecycle of your brand from pre-IND through commercial, and help youe entire organization to put the patient at the center of every effort.

Therapeutic Area Agnostic Platform

We partner with tech companies  – a tech company that have developed several SaaS based platforms to support better patient engagement, collect and analyze Patient Reported Outcomes (PROs). The real-world data (RWD) these platforms can collect fully support the breadth of the FDA Patient Focused Drug Development initiative. As FDA guidance is expected to be issued September 2018 you will need help in meeting the requirements of the guidance. We can help you do that.

Our platforms can be the bridge between your specialty pharmacy and/or HUB.   The messaging is based on a combination of patient needs and your business objectives. We drive your engagement activities and adherence initiatives.

If your company is delving into the unavoidable world of performance/value-based contracting our platform will collect the data to help prove whether or not milestones are being met.

The patform can also be used in clinical trials. To drive efficiency and patient convieince remote trial particpation is the growing trend. This platform is a key to that future.

Process to Adopt the Platform

We know you have tried many options – and invested, invested, invested. Well, that craziness stops here. We have a few steps to take with you before you buy into the platform:

1 – Assessment –  Before we propose anything we will get an in-depth assessment of what your company does already – how many apps, what systems, based in what philosophies

2 –  Customization proposal based on the assessment learnings

3 – Planning & Implementation –  You appoint an Implementation  Team with whom we will work, check milestones, prepare for internal progress updates, continual input

Behavioral Based HUB Services

So, you have ensured access for your patients. Drug has been delivered. But, is it being utilized? What else is going on in the lives of your patients that keeps them from using your drug properly? Studies show that 80-85% of the deciion-making regarding health is behavioral – only 12-15% is related to access. Let us help you tap into the lives of your patients. We assess people for their liklihood to adhere, we define intervention points and how to intervene, we continually communicate with patients to see if what we are doing is helping and what can be done differently. There are a few ways we can do this:

1 – Connect our platform with your specialty pharmacy and/or HUB, supplementing the services of your specialty pharmacy

2 – Build initiatives to support your existing specialty pharmacy and/or HUB utilizing existing specialty pharmacy and/or HUB services.

3 – Or use our health literate communications and other materials to build two-way conversations.

Frankly, what we see today is the specialty pharmacy and HUBs are deeply focused on ensuring access, where we really come in is supporting patients once they have drug, period.

Impacting Your Culture with Training

We say over and over, if you implement patient-focused strategies and your teams are not patient-focused you may as well forget it. You are wasting your money if you don’t do something to impact your culture – as this IS a very difficult cultural shift. The diagram at the right came from the IT world, the industry from where the edn-ser concept originated. The diagram challenges the developer to consider if whatever they have designed has real value to the end-user. In healthcare we need to ask the same questions and our training is geared towards helping your teams think the same way.

Start With Patient Input

Collaborate Internally, Externally


Design With the End-User in Mind

Scale With Technology

Challenge Your Internal Culture

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