I am not sure why this message does not catch on so why don’t you tell me. It is so incredibly obvious to me that if we simply do not help patients manage their healthcare the costs will continue to escalate, adherence rates will continue to stay abysmally low and the impact we can make will continue to be lost. I just don’t get it! Have I had too much of the Kool-Aid? I am so convinced that patients are the key to the healthcare equation that I am blinded to the R&D pipeline (If patients don’t take the drugs then so what?), blinded to the next stellar app (if patients don’t use the app then so what?), and behavior is the key ( if patients don’t make choices to manage their health then so what?).

So, here is yet another article reinforcing the same – patient engagement is the key. It is not that we engage digitally, in-person, via TV, etc – it’s simply that we ENGAGE! And when we finally do, the route of engagement is very dependent on the patient and what routes make impact on them OR how many routes make sense to them.

This is so simple to me.

Download the PDF here: Patient Engagement is the Blockbuster Drug of the Century – Forbes