Inventiv – Behavior vs Access

Here is a report from Inventiv focusing on behavior, suggesting that adherence is tied to behavior not just access. I fully agree. The low hanging fruit – and simplest answers – lie in improving access. But it is not just about access – as I have said over and over and over. It is ALL about behavior, why and how we make decisions.

So, here is the Inventiv report saying the same thing. Why is this so difficult to digest? Maybe it is because it is so much more complex to attempt to change behavior than it is to increase access to meds, to healthcare.

In 2011 the EU did a study to understand adherence. They found that adherence rates were the same as in the US despite incredible access to healthcare and very low cost drugs. They concluded that the answer was in behavior, in understanding why people make the decisions we do…that decisions we make are tied to our values.

So, again, here is yet another study to back up the claim that this is all in what we value. What in the world is it going to finally take to get those with budget to put $$ towards changing behavior rather than simply increasing access???