Over much of this last year I have been working with LEO Pharma to develop and launch www.QualityCarebyLEO.com, a web-based element of the multi-channeled patient engagement adherence program. The full program also includes co-pay cards and nurse support.

After another phase launched this week it is time to give this platform the illumination it deserves.

Everyone says true patient engagement is difficult to do  – it’s too costly and the regulatory hurdles are too high. I always counter that the true cost is worth the effort if the effort is developed from the patient’s point of view. As for the regulatory hurdles, my experience has been that if the med/reg team understands the project fully, knows you also are interested in ensuring patient safety and company liability you can work together to sort out any issues.

This is what we were able to do at LEO. The result is  QualityCare , a fully customizable platform for patient centricity, a visible commitment to helping patients by providing value for specific skin conditions, regardless of what therapy a person may or may not be using. LEO  is confident that if they provide the best solutions and services, patients will choose LEO. QualityCare is a patient support offering that is built with the needs of the person who happens to be a “patient” at the center of everything they do. It’s the right risk and one LEO is willing to take.

LEO is doing this right. QualityCare goes well beyond a typical CRM platform. The user decides what they want to see and do, how they want to see and do it, when they want to see and do it. LEO has ensured there are many reasons for the user to return to the site.

Fundamentally, LEO has taken the right approach to support patient services. The service is across the enterprise. The director of the program reports directly to the CEO and has his own budget so he can make independent budget decisions. The brands work with the director and all are treated as brands within the company. The focus on the patient comes from the very top of the company from the Denmark headquarters. Some would argue that this is easy for LEO as it is privately held and does not have to answer to shareholders. I would argue that the bottom-line matters to LEO as it does to any business. LEO has simply made the difficult decision that this patient centered direction IS the right direction for the business, for the company. Also, recognize that this decision is made for dermatology products with a lot of competition, not the expected specially products that may cost a fortune.

It was my pleasure to work within a company making daily decisions about what was going to be right for the patient, not just for the brands. Good luck, LEO, as you continue to push the envelope and lead the way for the industry.