I have been delinquent in posting the fast few days. Where we are located Sandy decided to be a poor guest, hang around longer than expected, and left damage in her wake. Although we have been dealing with a loss of power that is the least of our concerns Nothing that has hit us is long-lasting, unlike so very many others.

Now, with access to power, the next few posts will be related to recovery, how to get patients access to replacement meds, access to health care and the like. Perhaps we should even do something to discuss how to prepare for a disaster like this. Let us know your ideas and thoughts on this.

Now, after 4 days we finally have access to TV to see what you have been seeing all along. Our hearts and prayers go out to those who have been impacted by Sandy from the Caribbean, US, and Canada. In the NYC area, usually incredibly resilient, is picking itself up to move on. But, invariably, as you get to the individual, very personal situations, the momentum can be well-intended but a daily challenge. This stress can certainly impact your health and make managing your health even more complex.

In the coming weeks we wish for speedy recoveries. For all of us life has changed, for many of us “normal” will be new. Inspired Health Strategies will provide as much as we can to support you through this situation.