Hello pharma – this is becoming more and more unavoidable. Payers are strongly leaning towards value-based contracting. This article, published October 26, 2016 on www.healthcaredive.com, reinforces the trend. The article also points out the barrier we have so often discussed – how to access the patient data and how to do so within a tightly regulated market. Here is the link to the original article – http://www.healthcaredive.com/news/how-payers-are-tackling-value-based-drug-pricing/429015/.

The holy grail:

“What society is saying with value-based pricing is that if you produce a drug with huge health benefits, we are willing to pay a lot to incentivize the development of these types of treatments,” Shafrin said.

We, at Inspired Health Strategies, believe we have a solution to help document patient value via patient reported outcomes through RememberitNow, a therapeutically agnostic, fully patient customizable platform. RememberitNow collects patient reported outcomes at whatever the user desires. The sponsor will get at least aggregate data to indicate not only drug performance but also the all important lifestyle and behavioral indicators hat play a huge role is ensuring better health management.