DIA DIRECT: Are We Listening Enough to Patients? Patient-Focused Medicines Development During COVID-19


The coronavirus outbreak has exacerbated the complicated lives of many patients. The need to step up the emergency response to the global pandemic has put at risk advancements in patient-focused medicines development and, by necessity, deprioritized various patient engagement efforts. How has the pandemic affected the lives of patients and their access to care, both […]

Overcoming common challenges in treating rare and niche populations


Biotech and pharma teams are working to get the intelligence needed to deliver new treatments and improve patient outcomes. Those with rare diseases and sub-indications are difficult to identify so some brands are getting creative with real-world data and analytics strategies to better understand true market need. In this Conversations in Healthcare Panel, DRG's Mike […]

Don’t Waste This Pandemic (from a former healthcare CEO)


While some organizations are trying to get back to the normalcy of 2019, tomorrow’s leaders are using 2020 to accelerate even faster.

Two to three year roadmaps were accomplished in six months, what’s next?

The COVID-19 pandemic will go down in history as one of the most influential events in healthcare. Medical providers and healthcare leaders have a unique opportunity in 2020 to leverage the lessons learned during the COVID-19 pandemic and use them to maintain the momentum of the past several months. The rapid adoption of digital tools to expand patient access, drive better patient communication, and deliver safer processes can be refined and sustained for long-term stability, adaptability, and a better patient journey.

Tuesday, October 27th at 11:00 AM CST, we’ll be chatting with Dr. Monica Reed, healthcare innovator and previous CEO of Celebration Health. She’ll be unpacking what we’ve learned during this time, making some predictions about what’s ahead, and sharing how healthcare leaders can leverage 2020’s progress for long-term stability and success.

Join us! We’re talking about:

How technology was changing how medical providers deliver care before COVID-19
How COVID-19 accelerated Healthcare’s plans
What we can expect to result from the pandemic
How leaders and medical providers can adapt
Healthcare’s digital front door: what it looks like going forward and how to leverage it
Q&A with Dr. Reed. Submit your question now & we’ll answer during the live Q&A.

A conversation with Amwell

For October only, thanks to our sponsor Allscripts, we’re inviting all STAT readers to join our STAT+ Conversations.

Each week, tune in to hear from STAT reporters and leaders in health and medicine as they discuss the industry's most pressing issues, and take your questions live. 

October 27:

Roy Schoenberg, M.D., MPH, president & co- CEO, Amwell
Erin Brodwin, health tech correspondent, San Francisco, STAT (moderator)
Sponsor Introduction by Rebecca Whaley, vice president of marketing, AllScripts

Webinar: 2020 State of the State: Copay and Patient Affordability


The world of copay is becoming increasingly complex. Dynamics impacting the space include growing utilization, increased manufacturer investment, changing patient trends, introduction of accumulator adjusters and maximizers, and recent proposed CMS government pricing rule changes.

What’s the Key to Digital Transformation in Biopharma R&D?


Biopharmaceutical companies clearly express the desire to adopt digital technologies in an effort to accelerate clinical development. COVID-19 has served to underscore the need for digitalization for business continuity and virtual data access, for employees, collaboration partners, and patients. This webinar will share insights gained from more than 250 biopharma executives on the implementation and […]