At Inspired Health Strategies we are selfishly watching the growing trend of value-based contracting – contracting between payer and a pharmaceutical company where performance is measure on a patient-related value. The challenge: The payer invariably holds the data.  How to measure performance when one player holds the data? We think we have the answer!

Merck and Aetna plan a solution but it is still hard, from the outside – to understand how both partners will have access to the data:

The value-based agreement covers both Januvia and Janumet, which combines sitagliptin with metformin. The wellness initiative, called AetnaCare, will be launched through 2 accountable care organizations based in New Jersey, according to Aetna spokeswoman Caryn Marshall.

Payers have increasingly discussed reimbursement based on performance as a way to ensure that they get clinical value from increasingly expensive diabetes therapies. A statement from Aetna said the program will use “predictive analytics to identify target populations and proactively curate various health and wellness services that are available to each member.” In an email, Marshall said the initiative will use Merck’s Adherence Estimator to identify those patients with specific barriers to taking medication as directed.

At Inspired Health Strategies we think we have a solution. As there is no “IMS” for patients our platform “RememberItNow”  – – is a therapeutic area agnostic platform that is completely customizable by the patient. The platform collects any data  the patient wants to share, at the level at which they want to share it. This means, ultimately, as these patient reported outcomes are collected this data can contribute to assessing the performance of a drug that is part of a performance-based contract.

Watch this space for more information regarding value- and performance-based contracting. This is an important trend as the healthcare industry FINALLY realizes that is IS all about value and access is only a milepost along the way. If the person does not take their meds and manage their health overall simply making sure they have the drug in their hands is not enough!

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