Community Health Partnership

The Challenge

A Big Pharmaco wanted to develop a multi-cultural marketing effort. We were working in an environment where patient-focused initiatives really meant talking to physicians. We realized we had to make this initiative user centered…patient centered.

The Solution

We developed an initiative that was truly patient-centered. We listened to the insights gathered from all stakeholders in patient care, including patients. The program was rolled out tovia the field sales and account teams. The patient was treated like a brand with all the typical support a brand would have – detail aids, events, training, etc

Stellar Example of Patient Centricity

We Rethought Everything

Patients Reached Year 1


Sales Increase in Sales Year 1

Pilot Cities

Amazing Result, the company learned this can be done!

Increase in sales across enterprise   4.5-5%


Increased field team access

Account and Sales teams were able to get into customers like never before as client was viewed as bring something of value for the patient…not just the brands

Documented Behavior Change

Resylted in behavioral outcomes study proving development of  “empowred patients”. As healthcare providers witnessed this they gave participating patients more time in the office.

Developed non-traditional partnerships

Industry first formal partnership with CDC as the program brought value. Parnered with employers to develop internal programs, with health plans to develop member programs…unprecedented!

  • Baltimore Media Impressions 146.8 MM%
  • Memphis, TN 70.5 MM Impressions%
  • Bronx, NY 75%
  • San Antonio, TX 104.8%
  • Newark, NJ 1.9MM%
  • Miami, FL 52 MM%

Even The Media Results Were Amazing

The Community Health Partnership raised a lot of interest both in the industry and in communities across the US. This helped with improving the company image especially in the 6 pilot cities. At a time when pharmaceutical companies are seen as the bad guys this is no small feat. This is what helps to bring value to patients/caregivers and shareholders.