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We know your challenges to be patient centered. We have lived those challenges, too.

Long Experienced in Patient engagement

Since 2010 Inspired Health Strategies (IHS) has been helping the life sciences industry become more patient-centered. Most industry entities have the desire to be more patient-centered but simply don’t know the next steps to take. As the industry digests the impact of the FDA Patient Focused Drug Development guidance (PFDD) Dyan will continue the push to make PFDD real.


Dyan Bryson, Founder, Patient Engagement Strategist

Dyan is a life science industry sales and marketing veteran who has consistently developed innovative initiatives that have helped to propel the industry forward. The last decade Dyan’s mantra has been that patients should be part of the drug development process from pre-IND through commercialization, years ahead of the FDA Patient-Focused Drug Development (PFDD) effort. Examples of the array of the initiatives Dyan has led include:

  • For Merck-Medco developed one of the industry’s first patient services HUBs
  • For Merck, led the ex-US VIOXX launch, developed all branding, messaging, promotional materials
  • For Pfizer and the American Pain Association, developed the industry’s first digital congress delivery including CME accreditation
  • For Sanofi, developed the Community Health Partnership, the industry’s first enterprise-wide patient-focused initiative. On a $3.4MM investment Dyan returned $406MM to the brands
  • For Retrophin ensured patient insights were part of business decisions across the entire company. This resulted in improved clinical trial recruitment, driving a formulation change to ensure wider drug usage among an appropriate rare disease population, developed a patient advisory board to ensure ongoing patient input to business decisions

Dyan has won numerous industry awards for her efforts including the prestigious recognition by PharmaVoice as a life sciences industry innovator.

Dyan routinely speaks at industry meetings. To book her for your next event please contact us here.

The biopharma industry has been going through a metamorphosis for years but very little real change has been made. Finally, companies are coming to the conclusion that the band-aid fixes of the past are not the lasting innovation that they need.

We have confidence that the information we provide can get you beyond your current business model and on to the innovation that will make impact on both patients/caregivers and your bottom-line.

We have gone beyond a patient-focus being only altruistic folks!

We have all the right tools, let us Help You

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