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We know your challenges to be patient centered. We have lived those challenges, too.

Long story short

Dyan Bryson

Founder, Inspired Health Strategies, LLC

Dyan is a biopharma industry veteran who has been dogged in her push to help the industry become more patient centered. She has confidence that the industry can do it!

We stumbled on it. Really.

As a traditional pharma marketer our founder, Dyan Bryson, worked on a project that helped her realize that the patient is really our customer, really the end user.  She learned that  if we engage wih patients and families we can help to improve healthful behaviors and improve the chances of good health outcomes. We can also contribute to the bottom-line for each of the stakeholders.

This thinking runs counter to the traditional pharma model of focusing on the person writes the prescriptions instead of the one that uses the prescriptions.

Since 2010, the end of that original project, Dyan has been on a mission to help the industry become more patient centered. We have partners that broaden our offerings and allow us flexibility to provide to client exactly what they need without concern about billable hours targets, and other typical overhead.

The patient is the end user in healthcare, for every stakeholder in healthcare. For pharmaceutical companies, for health plans, for hospitals and other health-related instituitons, for nurses,doctors and all other providers.

While each stakeholder may have different objectives, speak different technical languages, the link to all is the patient.


The biopharma industry has been going through a metamorphosis for years but very little real change has been made. Finally, companies are coming to the conclusion that the bad-aid fixes of the past are not the lasting innovation that they need.

We have confidence that we can get you beyond your current business model and on to innovation that will make impact on both patients/caregivers and your bottom-line.

We have gone beyond a patient focus being only altruistic folks!


We have all the right tools, let us Help You

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