Balance needs of patients and brands

We are now in budget planning season for 2013. Companies are sorting through ideas - old and new - regarding how in the world to better support patients. Is the holy grail social media, is that where I should put my money? Hint: There IS no holy grail. The real deal is to understand what services … Continue reading

Patients are the key

We seem to forget that a patient is a person. We make decisions via several different methods. The industry assumption is that the patient listens and acts on the word of the practitioner but the data actually show peer influence and cultural filters actually influence behavior more than a … Continue reading

Who We Are

Inspired Health Strategies, LLC is led by Dyan Bryson, a 25+ veteran of the pharmaceutical/life sciences industry. Dyan has had experience on both sides of the industry - as client and supplier. On the client side of the business Dyan has been in sales, sales leadership, led the ex-US global … Continue reading