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patient engagement?

It’s not just about marketing; it’s about inspiring a change in behavior

Patient-Focused Drug Development FDA Guidance is real – are you ready?

How we do things:


We align our services with your existing systems, such as your HUB or call center. We can also train your organization to enhance your patient-focused efforts.


Each company culture disctate how patient centricity is defined. We collaborate with our clients to make sure we are all on the same cultural page.


We are pharma industry veterans and experts in our fields. We have been where you are now and know your day-to-day demands. We make your day easier and help you deliver.

Why we do it

we Truly put the patient at the center

Through experience, we know that our clients’ patient/caregivers AND the bottom-line benefit from putting the patient at the center of the business.

we love helping you accomplish your patient-centered goals

We know this is hard work, that it takes a change in mindset to transform the business model. We have helped clients do this successfully.

Still not convinced? Here is another one:

We love leading the way

Since 2008  we have witnessed the slow evolution of the acceptance of putting the patient at the center of the business. As you have evolved we have stayed ahead, prepared to help you continue the evolution.


Industry-recognized, collaboratively-based

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What our customers say

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I worked with Dyan Bryson on the Community Health Partnership at sanofi-aventis. Dyan brought a wealth of experience to this role, and was a very valuable partner on this project. Dyan was 100% commited to the project; very proactive at managing multiple stakeholders who did not directly report in to her; and very innovative in her thinking on how to launch this project and execute against benchmarks.”
Lorrine , AVP Head, Reporting & Analytics, US General Medicines & Established Products BU

I have known Dyan professionally for nearly two decades and have had the opportunity to work with her at various times throughout the years. I worked with Dyan on several major projects at Ciba-Geigy, later Novartis, and was impressed with her mental acuity, business focus, strategic thinking, and communication skills. Most recently, in my capacity as Regional Sales Director at Sanofi-aventis, I had the opportunity to work with Dyan on the Community Health Partnership (CHP) project. Dyan was the chief architect of the CHP program and convinced Sanofi-aventis senior marketers to embrace the CHP and initiate a pilot project. The project expanded to several different CHP pilots in various MSA’s around the country. Dyan consulted with senior level Sanofi leadership and provided strategic, tactical and logistical advice and feedback to the CHP project manager for Sanofi and helped transorm the CHP into a robust pilot that was also embraced by sales leadership. Dyan’s expertise was an invaluable asset to S-a that enabled us to successfully launch the CHP.  I respect her tremendously and endorse her with the highest recommendation. ”
Reche' | Regional Sales Director

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We are located in Springfield, NJ, USA
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