A modern approach to Patient Engagement

  A modern approach to patient engagement


The COVID pandemic has illuminated the need for the life sciences industry to finally put in place initiatives that it did not prioritize pre-COVID. Inspired Health Strategies, Dyan Bryson, can help you will most of these underappreciated opportunities.

  • Ensuring diversity in clinical trials
  • Walking the talk of being patient centric throughout the drug development continuum – from pre-IND through commercialization
  • Improving healthful behaviors AND the bottom-line – balancing the needs of patients and brands
  • Ensuring all communications and materials are culturally relevant
  • A community-based approach to engaging with people
  • Through partnerships, utilize technology to scale efforts

We take a holistic approach to help people manage their health. We consider the social determinants of health. We all know people are managing more than the therapeutic area in which we are interested. People are managing all aspects of their lives. That’s where Inspired Health Strategies comes in.

Can these things really get done? Please follow this link to case studies that will answer this question.

We can also help you and your teams sharpen your skills at putting the patient – the person -at the center of your business. Our sessions consist of three components:

  • Understand how other industries customer are focused
  • The value of understanding the user experience – who is the user anyway?
  • Behavioral health models – there are reasons why we make the health-related decisions we make. How can we impact those decisions?
  • Capstone – put these learnings to work, participants leave with a path to incorporate this patient/person focused thinking into their work
  • We tackle the regulatory reality of the life sciences industry to help you and your teams see the possibility of being truly patient centric.













Enhancing diversity in clinical trials


Three questions usually lead this discussion:

  • Where do you find the people?
  • How do you build trust?
  • Are the people really ready to participate in clinical trials?


We have built a relationship with the non-profit National Minority Health Association (NMHA). NMHA has built relationships with 65,000 people from diverse communities with whom NMHA routinely engages. The community learns about clinical trials and how to participate in clinical trials along with many other issues related to managing their health. NMHA was instrumental in getting the COVID vaccine to all 65,000 people and continues the relationship management it takes to engender trust.

 We scale these efforts through the use of a technology platform developed and delivered by Omniscia Health. Omnscia has more than 20 experience in utilizing digital tools to support people managing their health.

NMHA has the access to the people for whom you are looking. Omniscia has the technology to drive engagement. Inspired Health Strategies has the strategic approach. Contact us – we can help you in your quest to ensure greater diversity in your clinical trials.



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